Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Violation of Kitty Privacy.

My human has been video taping me for longer than I was aware of. I only remember the last couple years of random recording devices stuck in my face.

My fur stood on end moments ago as I came across a video of myself as a kitten, with annoying music and horrible image quality. The choppy video is evidence that Steve (my capturer) has been invading my privacy for longer than I had anticipated.

Perhaps I can find some baby pictures of Steve to post on my blog as payback for this. I was too young and helpless to know what he was doing back then.

I'll get my revenge. I will take his camera and record him on his white litter bowl thingy that he sits on to potty. Hehehehe!!!.....


I was right! We are SO close to his house now! I was just sitting in the lookout (the thing they calls "Wind Oh's") staring outside, dreaming of my forthcoming freedom, when I saw Todd drive down the street, right in front of my new prison. I mean, our new home.. Ugh..

After watching Gibson's Scary World Video, I noticed that his image of Todd is misleading. I don't know where he comes up with this nonsense. Todd is not scary, he is amazing. His addiction to porcelain dolls is a little creepy, but other than that he is the best human ever! I love him...

False alarm....

Nevermind. They found her locked in the tool shed out back. Lame.

Better luck next time.

I think my wish came true!

I might finally be dog free! The giant black dog they call Shelby (a.k.a. Bitch) ran away this morning! It's been almost 8 hours! Steve is frantic, but he'll get over it!

I don't want to see her in pain though, so if she gets hit by a car I pray that it kills her instantly. R.I.P. Bitch. ... hehe....