Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Steve is the best!

I usually I can't stand my human, but today he finally did something right.

He bought me a brand new
full sized scratching post!

It smells expensive. The old one was in pretty bad shape, and I had already run out of new places to scratch. Almost every inch was torn and frayed. It was unacceptable. Granted, every tear was my own doing (with some minor damage from fluff-face and his girly claws).

Luckily, my human pays attention and knows exactly when a kitty's scratching post is due for replacement!

My only wish now is that the humans would stop sitting on my scratching post. They sat on the old one too. But who cares, I finally got a new scratching post! I am so excited and eager to break it in!

With knowledge that my human is aware of when to replace my scratching post, I feel at ease about my scratching. I won't waste any time. After all, the faster I can tear it to pieces, (enjoying every minute) the faster my human will replace it with a newer model! It's like endless fun!

To the right is a picture of my new scratching post from the magazine that he ordered it from. It looks much bigger in real life.

Gibson (I mean, Fluff-face) already peed on it once. I think I'll pee on the other side.

Thank you so much Steve! I'm going to go scratch it right now! Your the best!