Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shelby broke her collar!

What a wonderful day!

First, I have been under such strict supervision that I haven't been able to get online for quite some time, but my human finally eased off me. I have missed my blog.

Second, Bitch (the dog) ruined her speaking collar!

For the first time in weeks, things are getting back to normal. I love it.

The dumb bitch had her collar on, running around the house making as much noise as possible. When all of a sudden, her over-activity created a wonderful and ironic thirst.

She then ran to the bathroom to drink from the toilet, quickly submersing the speaker into the water as she drank. The sound was glorious, "Water water water wattbble wabnble wabble wabbl bebelebbebb...pbppb...bpbp.b.....po........"... And then, silence.

Steve was angry, but he says he can fix it. I doubt it.