Friday, July 29, 2011

Man's best friend = Man's perfect slave

I lost a claw in the carpet yesterday. That was my second one on my left paw. If I keep this up I will be helpless. But clawing the floors and furniture is my only way of showing control.

Today I sat in the lookout (human term: Window) for over an hour today, just watching the outside world. I have been in captivity for so long now that I can hardly think of anything else to do with my time. Sleep maybe? Eat until the bowl is empty? Wrestle with Fluff face? I have grown sick of everything in this prison they call a home.

As I peered through my prison glass, I watched Bitch (Human Term: The Dog) running around like an idiot in the grass. She was accompanied by my human, Steve.

I've been astonished by the faith, trust and dependence that she shows toward the humans. She comes to them whenever they call. If they throw an object, she retrieves it and returns the item back to their possession. She has been brainwashed.

Most of all, I cannot understand why she is released so freely into the outdoors and yet never escapes. She comes back into our dungeon on her own. I hate her. It is almost as if she is blowing laughter in my face. Like she is saying "Haha you stupid little kitty! I am free! You are stuck!".

I don't know why Steve trusts Bitch more than he does me. Why would she get special privileges and not I? I'll bet she is giving them information or something. Either way, she is still bleeding to death from the heat, so hopefully soon she will get knocked up like the humans said and go away. I can't wait.