Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick post

.... i tried to posst again yestedrday. I hfave so mucfgh to say.. sorryt if my typinng is badd. im in a reall hurry. ibanez is missing and I think i know where he weent. just arounnd the corner at someone elseds house.

We met this guy named tod and he is so cool! he told me that he has moree tuna fish than any caty couled ewat. i wantecd to type about him yestrday but steve was home. most of the time he is gon for the day but he stayd home yessster day. he went tothe store and will be back any minut so I have tom ake this quik,c..,

Ibanez and i had planned to go live witthd tod and we were goinf to leave at the saime time. that little fluff ball beat me to the punch. now he is over theree eating all the tuna and im stiuck here. i plan to leave tonight when they let me out. if i don't post back, i made it to his house, wish mee luvck!


  1. Hey Sylvester you know that video Talking kitty Hair ball find the comment that says thumbs up if
    Sylvester is your favorite character and see how many thumbs up that everyone thinks that your their favorite.

  2. ohhhhhh. that explains everything! I didnt know who todd was or what had happened to Ibanez. Thanks Sylvester!