Monday, February 16, 2009

So excited for my surprise!

SURPRISE! I am so so so excited for tomorrow! My human, Steve, said we're going somewhere together in the morning. Someplace called "Vet".

I've never heard of it, but Steve sounded happy about it, and when I asked what it was he said "A Surprise!".

My imagination is going WILD!

I'll bet it's amazing! He said it's specifically for cats, like me! So there will probably be other cats too!

I can see it now, tuna cans stacked to the ceiling, scratching posts from wall to wall. Sounds like heaven! I can't wait! I'll post again tomorrow and let you know how much fun I had! Bye!


  1. That's Awesome!-TheGoombaking1

  2. ERR Sylvester...... you know..... the vet is horrible... they stab you with needles and..... its horrible.... i hated it - Sparkle2013