Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trying to Kill Gibson... Not too easy...

I can't take it anymore! Now the dog is best friends with Gibson! They love each other like inbred idiots, and I'm afraid that they might try to gang up on me!

Shelby is a bitch.

I've already attempted to kill Gibson 6 times. Shelby keeps getting the way. My third attempt was nearly successful. Gibson was drinking from the toilet (disgusting) and I tried to push him in. He evaded my attack. Next time I will be more subtle.


  1. lol how did that work out

  2. Good luck killing Bitch and Pussy-TheGoombaking1

  3. Sylvester, I love you, but killing is not the answer.
    One: you dont wanna go to jail
    2: its just a freaking kitten
    3: its totally unnecessary
    4: What you switched positions? How would you feel?

  4. Sylvester what about When steve goes to work or something hold the door open with something and grab gibson by the scruff and throw him out and lock him out instead of killing him?