Sunday, May 15, 2011

No more secrets!

This is animal abuse! I have been locked inside more longer than I can remember now! I only get wet food once a day! I am forced to live with a dog! My dry food tastes horrible! I have to share my litter box with a fluffy retard! Who can I call to fix this mess!??! I miss Todd..


  1. Maybe Steve can hire me to pet sit you and I'll let you go Outside-TheGoombaking1

  2. no uh me and you friends

  3. Sylvester, Tell your owner to get you cat towers. Trust me, there are some awesome ones. There are even fancy kitty beds that can only fit 1 cat inside a cozy cube thing, so fluff face and Shelby can're even come in! Doesn't that sound awesome? And you could practice climbing on them to practice for your escape. There are also little dangling balls so you can practice to beat up the dog. Some of them even have scratching posts. And you can use them to get up to high places. Please ask your owner for cool cat towers. You won't regret it.