Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another day.

I'm still not used to this new home the humans moved me to. Everytime I turn around I get lost. They've moved my food tower into a room with doors on it, so half the time I can't get to it. Worse yet, I have had nothing but dry food since we got here.

I am starting to think that they forgot to put my canned wet yumminess into the brown storage cubes. I don't think I've done anything bad lately, am I grounded again? Steve really needs to go to the store.

Or let me outside. Either way.


  1. Sylvester, Steve has probably forgotten to go grocery shopping for your wet food again. Before you know it, he is going to be trying to force canned corn on you again. Be may need to go to the bathroom on his pillow again...maybe while he is sleeping on it. :)

  2. that was a good plan to escape but aren't you concerned someone is going to show it to your humans? Don't tell your humans I'm helping, but you might want to claw the bottom of the mesh and not the middle. My cat has discovered that and has been successful at breaking the seem and attempting to escape. He also pretends to be marking the porch and rolling around all cute all the while he's pushing and tearing the screen. Good Luck with the plan! Watch out for the Nets!

  3. I feel the same I hate scrambled egg And I'm glad Bitch and Pussy haven't comeback yet because you remember the story I told you earlier ?-TheGoombaking1

  4. oh come on!!! if my cats cat eat dry food and gibson can, so can you.
    my cats hate wet food,they prefer dry food,(gasp)yet they still eat it if they have to.

  5. oh shut up bitch unknown name