Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have planned my escape!

My escape plan is flawless!

In the room where my food tower is, there are 4 lookouts (the humans call them "Wind O's"). Each one of them slides open, but
they're reinforced with some
strange micro-square netting.

This netting looks like a discouraging trap, but it is actually quite weak. I can easily penetrate it with my claws.

When I am in the room with my food tower, the humans sometimes close the door, leaving me unattended.

Here is my new plan:
  • Wait until the door to my food tower is opened.
  • Go into the room and hide.
  • Wait for the humans to close the door.
  • Claw and create an opening in the Micro-Square Netting.
  • Run like hell.
My plan as drafted.

It is only a matter of time now.... I can already taste the catnip and tunafish!


  1. Sylvester,

    Despite how you act... I know you love Steve very much! I don't know why you're so infatuated with this Todd person... Steve loves you more than anything and has the best intentions for you! You should give up on this Todd guy... esp. if he supplies you with too much drugs (catnip) yah catnip is fun and all but too much of it and you'll OD again... and THAT is NOT good!! Just think how Steve, Gibson and Shelby would feel if you were to OD and die! They'd be heartbroken... and so would your fans! We all love you and want you to be happy!

  2. btw... i bet todd wants you to go into the basement... so he can skin you and make a coat out of you... why else would he shave pixie like that and have other cats in the basement?? seriously... i'd stay away from him if i were you!

  3. Sylvester, if you wanted away so badly, when you were in prison, why was your one phone call to Steve? You could have called Todd.

  4. Stay away from Todd.....he is bad news...creepy too. You don't know how good you got it! Silly feline.......

  5. Sylvester, you obviously love Steve if you called him from jail and not Todd. Todd is bad news, Kitty. My cat, Riley went to him and supplied him with drugs and he was never the same. Steve and Babe wants whats best for you. I hope you don't escape!

  6. your plan is good but i dont think it will work you should make an arrangement with the dog to dig a tunnel to the outside, it foolproof and easy to hide, anyway goodluck

  7. I hope you escape -TheGoombaking1

  8. quit being upsesed with todd hes a creep do you want to go in the smelly basement or be stuck in a cage with your fur shaved off life pixie the cat?

  9. what the fuck shut up unknown name asshole

  10. Sylvester... I understand why you don't like steve's house. If you run away, please, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase make a youtube channel and record stuff :) I would miss u