Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No escape.

I've searched every inch of this giant cage they call a home. There is no escape.

Every window is secure. Every door is locked. I feel like a prisoner. My only chance is to beg Steve to let me out of this horrible place. Hopefully he will give in to me and I can finally make my way back to Todd.

If he doesn't. I may be doomed to live in this hell forever.

Somehow, Bitch and Fluff-face seem to be getting along just fine. They don't even notice that they are in captivity.

Bitch gets released on a regular basis and returns on her own. Fluff-face is so terrified of the front door that he has never even attempted to escape.


  1. Wow you really wanted to escape from being an indoor kitty-The Goombaking 1

  2. Sylvester, why do u hate steve's house so much? Just tell him why, and im pretty sure he will fix it. Sylvester, WHY DO YOU KEEP EVERYTHING TO YOURSELF?