Thursday, October 21, 2010

Damn you Todd!

He is a completely different human today. No food in my bowl, no cat nip and he wants me to follow him downstairs. I don't want to go downstairs! I am sick of him trying to make me! It's dark and stinky!

Maybe he is just angry. I need to get Gibson over here quick so he will be happy again and forget about Ibanez. Then he will give me what I want and stop trying to force me downstairs!

I'm going back home today. Who knows, maybe Steve finally got some more nip for me!

If he did, I would stay home for a while until Todd calms down. But eventually, I have to get Gibson over here to help.


  1. You're really into catnip-TheGoombaking1

  2. Don't trust Todd! He is going to lock you down there like he did to Ibanez! DO NOT TRUST HIM SYLVESTER!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!