Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back home.. For now......

Todd left a window open today, so I got a chance to come back home. Steve seemed happy to see me, but he still didn't get me anymore nip.

I asked Gibson if he would help Todd. This cat is retarded. All he did was repeat "Help" after me. I don't think he understands what I am saying. I tried to kill him to shut him up, but his "Help" screaming got Steve's attention, and once again we were recorded by the stupid video recording device.

I have posted the human's video here as evidence of Gibson's mental illness. I will try to work with the special kitty again tomorrow. But I may need more nip soon.


  1. how much cat nip would you need? i have some extra from my cat, Tiger's stash =)

  2. You're Right Pussy(Gibson) is retarded-TheGoombaking1

  3. Sylvester, did you know that if you learned how to garden, you can grow your own cat nip? Try it! ;)

  4. Sylvester, just keep telling gibson to do things, and the more he does the harder you make it. Don't expect too much at once, wait till he's older.