Thursday, June 23, 2011

Familiar Territory

I just realized something! When we moved back, I knew we were close to the old home. But I didn't know HOW close! We are only a block away!

Guess what that means!??!

I can finally go back home with Todd! The only problem is, my human thinks I am an inside cat now, so I might have a hard time escaping. Either way I should start getting Gibson ready. He is older now, so he will help us!


  1. Does Gibson even remember Todd? He never talks about him anymore. I think Gibson has bigger issues on his mind than Todd...I'm worried about him. 1st was the clip of what goes on in his fluffy head and then the scary scary world video. I think he needs a shrink.

  2. I hope Todd takes Pussy(Gibson) away -TheGoombaking1

    1. quit it you jerk! sylvester is awsome but gibson never did anything to you! only sylvester has the right to be rude to gibby!

  3. Whoever said that is an asshole.

  4. kitty you live with steve and babe. the truth is todd is bad, ive seen some of his videos he may be freindly but deap down hes evil