Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving again!??!

More brown containment cubes. Yup. We moved... Again...

My humans move around like escaped convicts. This time we moved back to the same neighborhood we used to live in.

After watching Steve's stupid video of my jail experience, I decided to once again attempt to steal his camera and record him for a change. Of course, it never works out for me. If only I had thumbs!

Last time was easier. This time, I couldn't get my paw into the strap. These stupid contraptions are made specifically for the monkey handed humans.

Eventually, I'll get this recording device under control. No more "Talking Kitty" videos. I have a better idea. It's called "Hidden Camera Human".

Of course, I still have to figure out how to not get caught with his camera thingy. Until then, I will continue acting along for his stupid little youtube video crap. But soon, these humans will be exposed for what they really are!


  1. Why did you try to destroy the camera ? -The Goombaking1

  2. do a catnip one in here