Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You woke me up for this!??!

I've been woken up by the vacuum, can opener and even Steve playing his damn guitar. But never in my 9 lives have I been woken up to such horrible news as this.

Happily sleeping, my slumber is broken to tell me about a new animal that will live with us. If this is Steve's way of mending his broken heart over Ibanez leaving with Todd, then he is completely insane. Steve is an idiot.

The news was of a dog he plans on bringing into the home. I'm sure he's joking. At least, I hope.


  1. Ibanaz is at Todds ?-The Goombaking1

    1. Are you kidding?!?! Did you even read Sylvester's last post?

  2. Oh I am so sorry Sylvester! Well, at least you still have the fact that you are superior to the dog. In intelligence and everything else except size. ;)

  3. That was wrong of Steve to force you to look at the dog, and also wrong to interrupt your sleep to tell you.