Saturday, May 8, 2010

Everything moved..

It was the strangest day. I woke up, and the door was wide open. My humans were walking back and forth from our home to the car thingy with big brown cubes. I snuck outside and no one noticed.

After spending most of the day hunting and relaxing outside, I returned home. Everything was gone! My scratching post was missing, even my nom nom bowl.

Steve eventually came back home and took me to some other home. For some reason they put all of our things in there. Even the giant cat beds that they sit on next to the glowing box they stare at. Everything is now at another house. I don't understand.

I think they're confused.


  1. aww!!!! "nom nom bowl"!!! that's what i'm going to call my kitty cat, Tiger's food bowl from now on =) Thnx Sylvester ♥

  2. Steve moved 3 times? I thought it was 2-TheGoombaking1

  3. Sylvester! Your moving. The old house in not your house anymore. Sorry. :(